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Bending gravity
The Affleck Riots consist of various shapes with different degrees of opacity on randomly chosen colored backgrounds.
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Dream walking in an enchanted forest looking for the fountain of the life.
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My inspiration comes from music, and the artistic creations that inspire life.
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A set of miscellaneous experimental footages showing bizarre movements of various house sundries.
My inspiration comes from music, and the artistic creations that inspire life.
Photo of me Andrew Taylor 3'9 on Holidays in new York 2016
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I just liked the image. No arty farty reasons or deep and meaningful crap
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Hey. This is my song Where has our love gone babe. All feedback is appreciated.
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Return Home size: 24x12in medium: acrylic on canvas frame: unframed Set in the Adirondeck Mountains this
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An experimental short film, shot on 16mm, created in the context of York University's film production program. The film
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Silent will is a short film about a dad who didn't achieve alot in his time but had dreams
Patrick and friends
Hello, everyone. This piece is called "Patrick with Friends" Size: 16" x 20" Price: $75 If you're interested
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Lyrics by Faustin TKJ. Hello* Hello* Hello baby. Are you, are you there? Ohhhhhh yes Just to check you out
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Original painting in mixed media on board. The painting is framed in a unique wooden golden frame which is designed
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This is a song about a very special thing that may be being lost.   Special Thing - lyrics  
Sweet as sugar 1
Original Sculpture. Polymer Clay. Metal Infrastructure. Acrylic Paint. Wood Base. 15"T