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My inspiration comes from music, and the artistic creations that inspire life.
Watercolur on Paper, 11×15"
reminisces about Afadjato
pen on paper  (25cm x 30cm)
A merging of the senses. With echoes of Nabokov's 'Lolita', a lustful decent into...
This is a life drawing of a boy. It is drawn with a pen.
Walk in my mind . a tribute to finding your true soulmate
Oil painting on canvas 40×50 cm. More info on
Underwater dance film
Tough Times
This poem is about often passing up great things because of appearance
I took this while driving !
Fear and darkness
Things that you would see in a garden but zentangled on my 1st canvas...
"Irises", acrylic on canvas, 50x70 cm
Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi- A bollywood movie. I made this poster using photoshop....
This my creative tribute to the very best country in the world.
paper and charcoal
Acrylic portrait painting on cardboard
Paintings inspired by the history and landscape of China
Inspired by nature, I used acrylics for this butterfly.

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