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A little poem that hopefully boosts your confidence and motivation.
Just a drawing of my shepherd....
I love flowers which is unusual for me from the perspective that I have...
How alcohol is an addiction
Original oil painting on 3D canvas. All the sides are beautifully painted in tune...
Naruto Sage mode with kurama...
A representation the duality of the right and left brain. Linear, power, mathmatics vs...
A pastel painting on paper in a passe-partout under the glass in a frame. The...
When days are dull, but you fight it off with the strength of a...
A motivational poem about success.
A drawing of a hand/wrist i draw this in less than 6minutes
Been dreaming a long time, haven't stop, hahaha
My new web-series (Shorts) first episode. It's about a boy, who lives his life...
Water colour, pencil excersise to practice attention to detail
How we remember
A Hindu monk is silhouetted in sunlight on a winter morning at a mango...
For freedom.    
Charcoal, expressionism, mixed media, paint
A poem which tells of survival instincts.
Oil painting on canvas 40×50 cm. More info on
Oil painting on canvas. More info on
Missing a love that has walked away, since then life seems bleek, hoping for...

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