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Written & Directed by Amit Mehra Producers: Semanti Sinha Ray, Amit Mehra An AMP ANGLES Production Copyrights AMP ANGLES 2012. 
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Oil painting on canvas 40x50 cm. More info on
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This is music written by Dan Richards- Lyrics, James Murphy- Score. It is a blues ballad the James composed the
Bending gravity
The Affleck Riots consist of various shapes with different degrees of opacity on randomly chosen colored backgrounds.
My inspiration comes from music, and the artistic creations that inspire life.
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The energy of nature and the vortexes of beauty that can be found in fields of flowers appeals to me.
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Painting in mixed media on board. More info on
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This song is for Dreamers everywhere! Thanks to everyone who sent in their ‘selfies’! This song is from
A picture for a project.
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The Briefcase: Concept Genesis Actual Facebook conversation: Luci Doll: Oh boy!  Just seen that someone posted our reviews! 
Ganoalf zabIjI
Taken from The Hobbit, a dramatic scene in the orcish cave. Created before the movies.
In "Commerce and Culture" Richard Finn uses intensive techniques ranging from the purely digital and heavily worked traditional
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Tiffany Gets Speed Tranced at the Peppermill, Las Vegas
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This is my version of some of my favorite cartoons All Grown Up
My latest collection of original artwork
‚ÄčThis is a single violet red rose in the rain. I gave it some of nature's texture with the
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Photo of my Indigenous Australian friend jack Charles 44