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Based on the accounts by persons who have experienced a "near-death" incident, this depicts...
Watercolour on Paper, 30×22"
Golf Club on Denarau peninsula.
The song is about a person leaving a relationship but realizing they made a...
Children of Lir were cursed to change into swans for 900 years, after they...


Oil on linen. I painted my dad in a relaxing pose, reading and smoking...
The beach which witness so much excitemnt, happiness, joy and all different aspects of...
Drawing of a Sculptural piece of a metal ant head infuse to a motorcycle...
This song is about the ending of a relationsip
How love can be felt by just seeing someone, who may be properly be...
My inspiration comes from music, and the artistic creations that inspire life.
its my first design fully made up of glitter and exposed in sun for...
It’s just a simple poem about my bed
When I wrote this song... I wanted people to TRY & Diferentiate the...
its shows the love towards the child by father and lead ahead
Mister Sir (Heavy Metal, Hard Rock)
Originally written as a song in 1999; recorded as a video 9 October 2016....
Best way to visit the wonderful Inside Passage
Pinturas realizadas com técnicas mistas, com tinta acrílica e óleo e verniz.
Oil painting on canvas 40×50 cm. More info on

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