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Hotel for Dreams

We always dream. Is there a place where we can store our dreams?


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Grass Man

"Grass Man"

16" x 20" Acrylic on stretched canvas $70.00

If you're interested in buying this painting, send me a direct message at for further instructions or go to my Etsy link :)

I apologize if the image is flipped on...


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Worlds 1000x Magnified

If you want to buy this piece, there is an Etsy URL listed above or send me a direct message at for further instructions :)


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Raining Coffee Beans

This shows coffee cups as houses and sugar cubes as people. The clouds are raining coffee beans on top of the houses. Haha.


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Food Court

Email me at if you want to purchase this painting :)

More work here ---->


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Septixemia and Femme fatale series

Entitled ‘Rappaccini’s Garden’. A cross between Victorian botanicals and memento mori, this series of india ink illustrations on canvas mirrors the elements of beauty and death found in Nathaniel Hawthorne’s ‘Rappaccini’s Daughter’.  


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Volcanic Island Transformation

16" x 20" 

Acrylic on stretched canvas



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Plant Still Life

Price: $70.00

If you're interested in this piece or a custom-made plant/flower piece, contact me at :)

Size options...

1) 8" x 10" - $45

2) 9" x 12" - $55

3) 12" x 16" - $75

4) 16" x 20" - $100

Ships worldwide...


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Burning Spirit

The inspiration came from hardships or challenges that came up in life. This piece has meaning and purpose. I used PicsArt and Adobe Photoshop to create this beautiful work. Intended to share with mankind. - All Rights Reserved.


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Playing Oldies

If you're interested in buying this piece, contact me at or 519-780-7356


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