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pencil designs 2

my pencil designs are applied to some products


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Hotel for Dreams

We always dream. Is there a place where we can store our dreams?


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Worlds 1000x Magnified

If you want to buy this piece, there is an Etsy URL listed above or send me a direct message at for further instructions :)


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Septixemia and Femme fatale series

Entitled ‘Rappaccini’s Garden’. A cross between Victorian botanicals and memento mori, this series of india ink illustrations on canvas mirrors the elements of beauty and death found in Nathaniel Hawthorne’s ‘Rappaccini’s Daughter’.  


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Plant Still Life

Price: $70.00

If you're interested in this piece or a custom-made plant/flower piece, contact me at :)

Size options...

1) 8" x 10" - $45

2) 9" x 12" - $55

3) 12" x 16" - $75

4) 16" x 20" - $100

Ships worldwide...


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More Images

Some illustrations.


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Wedding tablecloth linen hire

We are best and affordable for each & every event. Take a look at our colour schemes for wedding tablecloth hire which we deliver all over the UK. Coloured Linen Hire offers most luxurious linen for hire services.


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He’s Lost for words


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New music from amateur bands and musicians.

Check out some unsigned bands and artists in our music chart. Unsigned artists can upload their songs and lyrics and have them rated.

Are you a band or singer?

We promote the music uploaded to the Talent Bank to our community which includes record producers and labels who can get in touch if they like what they see.

Are you looking for the next big thing in music?

Check out the videos and get in touch if you like what you see.