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Torn Apart

It's about me and my girlfriend breaking up and I don't know I just wanted to write it because I was sad.
I don’t need another pretty face I don’t know what else to say Other than you are so beautiful, so, I still want you, And I still mean it. You’ll never know what...


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Two Wings

Love Song
Two Wings   INSTRUMENTAL I can’t keep my eyes open, l think that you were mad at me again. When you like this, l am pierced through by your sight.


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whine for me prod. by seshow

I wrote it out of inspiration and for the love i have for African ladies.....
intro- okay cozyflowz on this one again nobody badder than le le le le le le le le eh ye yeh verse 1- Girl you fine, the way you dance dey touch my...


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love song

Oh no, I do not have a stomach ache Please be my dear love It's like no salvation You look at me in front of me Get rid of the oppressive government My...


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Second Hand

In 1996 I happened to be watching an episode of Coronation Street when Raquel Wolstenhulme was on/off dating Des Barnes. It was off at the time but he fancied a shag, so, he sweet talked...

Verse 1.

I thought.

This time.

I could see the words of truth written in your eyes.

All the time the lies were hidin’, there behind your smile.

And they caught me out.

And I was taken in.

And I feel...


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Gospel Worship Songs Lyricist

About Worshiping God


Verse 1

Lord you are the strength of my heart And my portion forever I give you praise oh Lord My God with all my heart I will glorify your name...


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Verse 1:

I want you to know that you’re killing me slowly

I need you to know that I won’t be alone

And I need you to see me for me

That’s the end of the story



I told...


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uthando iwami olusha new love my new love my new love

finding new love, but it has a nice ring to it, just hoping i get a chance to record this one.


Uthando Kuyinto Imfihlakalo.

ebuka umlando waaaaaami.

nombulelo, iikumbulo

kufutshane lokufuma uthando olutsha.

Uthando Iwami olusha.

Uthando Iwami oluuuushaaaa.

They said daimonds could be found in Kimberley.

When I asked her, her name she said Kimberley.

My damn, you have a nice smile...


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Disecting skeletons

Disecting the human body, giving life to human awareness, using wordplay on a mindblowing level, I wanted to write a song about just one subject in this case the human body and tell an entire story...

EYE told SKELETON, we have a BONE to pick.

Read the charges on the SPINAL COLUMN, EYE then decided to limit his movements.

So EYE locked him away in a RIB CAGE.

Gave him 13-15 years, and by that AGE, PUBERTY...


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Rate me now

just a battlerap verse, nothing special. had some memories of battlerapping at school, so i decided to write a few bars.

Wondering If ill ever reach my climax, and I aint talking about that small town in Georgia.

Edward Jenner would have been alive if he used my antidote nostalgia.

These rappers infected with small pocks, these rappers be...


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