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Oil painting on 3D canvas 70x120 cm. More info on www.igorstatus.com
I move it, bend it, straighten it, twist it round..... no use this thing is so inflexible I take a
A man gets up at night to make a simple trip down a Boardinghouse hallway to the community bathroom.
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when I Won the Australian of the Year award
My inspiration comes from music, and the artistic creations that inspire life.
The Autumn of Our Spring My autumnal words fell on the sidewalk of Love! You looked like Autumn… I
I wake up every morning, Then I turn on the news,
Through the maze of uncertiantys through the pain and the fear through the valley of broken promises and the friendships
and pretend would our conscious that we should persuade it was just a figment of fear and pain her broken
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This is the first country style song that I have ever written, I usually write more of the rock music
For I do it to take the poison out of my system to be me because I’ve all
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This is a sketch I've just finished
black and white archiecture photography - contemporary art - lines & curves - minimalism  - © CrazyNeoPop - All
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Oil painting on canvas. More info on www.igorstatus.com
Silence tip toe its ways all around us  Record acts when we think; no one is there  Hiding
I Waterboarded Sheikh Mohammad by Melvin Toast   This here’s a song about the man who waterboarded Sheikh
13) 26-10-2015
Painting in mixed media on canvas. More info on www.igorstatus.com
Let's go somewhere far, Somewhere where I'd hold you tight. Hand in hand. Wherever you'd like. Whether train or plane.
(5) 23x28
The painting is made entirely on the glass beads. It brings an extra challenge and the diversity into my creative
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1) Blue Jay 2) Pokemons 3) Dog Portrait facebook.com/ManolitoAguirre2690 etsy.com/ca/shop/ManolitoArt If you're interested in a custom-made
Now tell me about your wildest dreams, don't hold back, dive, strive for your life. Let me find how
is not to kill for oil and gold. who need to be helped.  strong and tall. LIfe should be
By Beula Kapp 2016   Power Hungry So many power hungry  souls out there trying to build a legacy that
I was happy,   Enough.   Or more, I was sailing on an even keel.  Ripples broke the surface,
He Cares For You When times are hard and the way is rough When all your dreams are in the
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Aidan takes a lot of inspiration from watching Art videos and other people painting. He lacks in confidence and
Hear A Pin Drop Poem Written By Steven J Kelly © COPYRIGHT Kellywood Productions 2012-17  All Rights Reserved. I
Winter c-white
I wanted to create something that would syblomizes the season Winter in an abstract style, but a style that
https://soundcloud.com/daniel-bridgeman-1/04-go-rapture-yourself?in=daniel-bridgeman-1/sets/you-people-annoy-me   It was at about the age of twenty  When
If the clouds could gather all of her lovely strength this moment And shame the distant Rivers that deprive us
Everything is ended.     There is nothing to be defended. Sick man is wounded.     He
 such full of glee        to go riding on a giant BumbleBee