Racism; xenophobia; psychological war fare; instruments of hate that have destroyed the lives of millions.   Do you
Drifting high in early autumn sunlight  Swaying care free, harmlessly in mid air  A fall down into a
   Miscellaneous  Somewhere over the rainbows and the nostalgia of the glory days of my youth brings
For the fear of love that overwhelm me I have been a boy of dignity and ambition But in love,
THE DRUG CREATOR Joy a name, cries a face. Smile a heavy heart of fame. Wondering how, when and what
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A set of miscellaneous experimental footages showing bizarre movements of various house sundries.
Soaked in Nervous sweat, with grim smile of Determined endurance  Ready for rebirth with colourful stain  Charged with
Tree of Life
Hey this is Rolande Hooper, an artist by profession. These are some of most wonderful and favorite
Dear Mom,  you always say to have respect.  But you don't understand, admiring  beauty is something
What do you see behind those eyes? A world of truth, a world of lies? What drew you to this
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Two unlikely detectives come together in order to stop paranormal murders.
‚ÄčThis is my drawing of the munber 7 in dark color ends are orange  with a green background.
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Kim has a hard time as a gym towel.
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This is the real Afro Pop song from KYN JEZUZ to the world at large. -Video Upload powered by https:/
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We were asked to produce what is now our biggest filming project to date with this promotional video for Operation
Your hatred, as evident, as you place it on paper and to anyone lending an ear, is solid evidence of
Paper & Paint freelancer designer graphic designer , February 2008,  was a well-known South African  local freelancer graphic designer, best
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Nowadays, in my generation the problem with the world is that we take our time in front of computers and
Phuong tran
These paintings were originally nothing more than glossy magazine pages. That was until my mother ripped them from their
20) for facebook
Oil painting on canvas. More info on www.igorstatus.com
~~Poems to Enlighten Dear Lord; God, Please help me to relay your significant message.  Clear me for your divine
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A day in the life of a Scream Queen Legend. Short film starring Hetty Baynes Russell and Simon Callow. 
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This short film was made with Adobe Premiere and Adobe After Fx.  It was shot with the DJI Osmo
sketched this for my boyfriend with pencil.
Dylan O'Brien, Daniel Sharman
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A sarcastic video about video art and how easy is it nowadays to make a video or any other form
And she doesn't care too much for me Even though I talk to her in Dothraki And do the
Trapped in a hell of my own making.. Can't leave my home, no where to go, no point in
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Nice flowing club track