After you died, I filled your clothes with air and took you walking.   Inflated, you were new-born, elated: a
Once was I, a little butterfly, Fluttering in the wind as I flew high, Reminiscing on the little I had
The night is falling and shadows come crawling but sleep, just sleep my darling For I will keep watch over
 My pain  A painting of shame  Upon these white walls of stature  So statute, so still,
Rags and Clothes (On Friendship) A man amidst two fools Is a fool, a big fool So it's for most
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Animated music video for serbian rock band Ne┼żni Dalibor. We used 2D animation and we worked on it for
I'm chugging a bottle of vodka like its lemonade on a hot day. Each gulp making me so numb
I just remembered years ago when I was walking in the woods and the ax in tree stump came to
Drifting high in early autumn sunlight  Swaying care free, harmlessly in mid air  A fall down into a
Audrey Hepburn is a known actress but more that are her quotes and elegance or style. But these soft strokes
Today I searched my heart for you To see if your are clinging to the walls Right where I left
A Pilot episode for a sketch com set in fictional area of The Wolds Taken to Bafta ...Letter of recommendation
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Hierophant sticks to dogmas and old principles. Instead of focusing on natural light, comming from the window, he searches for
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Abstract acrylic painting on canvas 50x60 cm. More info on
One day we open our eyes and there it is. The world opens up to us, all that we can
Things have been rough for us lately I know And sometimes it feels like we'll never get out of
Cathartic Eclipse  I witnessed the death of the universe… Tumbling, crushing, spinning in the maddening chaos of the
When I hate, my enemies seem happier than I’ve ever been. They breathe my air, take my toys,
When I see primary colors, I think of childhood.  For me, my favorite thing as a child were the
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Oil painting on 3D canvas. More info on
You can't take the Polish out of the Polish girl.  I may be 1/4 Polish, but this piece was
To spice things up in my life, I added a pinch of humility.  These girls from my township, Love
Does your hand still hurt the one you used to break the spirit of a woman who falls confused
We can no longer live in the land of our birth when what we need only exists within foreign lands
Open heart insurgency-poem by Carling Ernstzen Im a naive, mercurial martyr  Its a bitter poison to swallow trying to
The view from my window at the hotel for the night cafe