04-my little dhika-(25x35)
pen on paper  (25cm x 35cm)
she was... dressed like those in show biz in saintly days of yore, with an insense of fresh roses more
‚ÄčThis is my version of a pick axe penetrating the ground and the force is felt throughout the air. I
It is the art within your soul that defines your state of mind when you aquire the art of an
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images of giants while floating in a 21 ft. Boat
Human, Cloud, Sheep, and World
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Changing the face of music in South Africa   4 April 2016 Cape Town, South Africa Drums and percussion have always been
I want u to know my love for u is ever so deep. And know ill always a hold u
I painted this because i am a leo, i also love the scene in the lion king, where all
Raging orange flames licking and hissing, Dancing, electric and vibrant, Drastically reduced to ash, the occasional tissing, Abated, barren and
~~"A pen never stops moving just because you put it down, it continues writing w/ pure passion in the
Nature has become nothing but a rebellious slave to an intrusive speices who has one foot in the grave
30) for facebook
Oil painting on canvas 40x50 cm. More info on www.igorstatus.com
DEATH IN PALMYRA   Dream a palm garden oasis in a sunlit desert mirage Imagine camel trains trailing silk road
My Beautiful Godsend When I say I love you It comes straight from my heart the feeling that comes over
    Rainbow eyed mermaid eyes winking  at him   his nose purple red of love  and
NIRVANA   Existence and blissful experience in harmony, my friend A blown out candle and a flame at your life
Big bang
Artist Name: Momcilo Bjekovic Date Created: 2015 Size : 10 x 70 x 4 cm Materials/Media: Oil on Canvas
Painting in mixed media on board. The painting is framed in a unique wooden frame which is designed and handmade
Have you waited long with your dreams to belong with someone who will help you carry on have you waited
Loneliness got into my brain and Said to my heart; “you can’t forgive yourself”. I thought
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Private commissions done for clients. A variety of mixed media but many pencil tone and coloured pencil work.
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Matto’s dream of becoming an international music artist started at the age of 7 when she first started singing.
  Switching and kidnapping children The naughty ones Year after year Santa grew weary of it Wrote a letter Cease
Do not be afraid that change is afoot. Like many times before we stand at a new precipice. Part willing
without seeing each other without saying a word to one another, torture it will be not to any of us
Madiba the last testament of Africa; Hope of Africa!  Since the 60s the Black Pimpernel of the masses!
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A wolf that I often dream about.
I had no affection for God I was running with a squad  What I need him for dad