​This my view of a lightning bolt dark in color with yellow energy  emitting from it
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fantasy drawing of a monster passing through ocean to a starry heaven.
03-soeharto-06 (40x40)
pen on paper  (40cm x 40cm)
2015-05-03 07.00.15
The Blues is a great love of mine though i find it very painfull and retrospective to listen to and
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A sketch of a old video game called "zelda". I play this with my dad and I really
Art 16
Taking my sketches from single portraits, this is a group of 3 from the City High album cover.
This is a piece my 15 year old daugther did, the eagle represents her free spirit and the lions represents her
​This is a single violet red rose in the rain. I gave it some of nature's texture with the
​This is my artistic tribute to a basketball I actually played. I mixed and used dual colors in this
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Pencil Portrait
I just like to draw cartoon characters for my kids so I bought a book that teaches you how to
Hello. I bought a book of cartoon characters a day just decided to start drawing them and see how good
My inspiration comes from music, and the artistic creations that inspire life.
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My dog, an excersise in pencil drawing. I like messing with graphite ( that's the fancy term)  for good
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A collection of some of my work from 2013. 
Pencil sketch from a photo of the very recognizable Nelson Mandela. Done as a promotional portrait for my portfolio.
Popular "Legalized Weed Campaign" which sometimes show their animal behaviour.
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This is a wolf I dream about, I often like to draw what I have dreamt about.  This wolf
13-figure 03 (28x38)
pen on paper  (28cm x 38cm)
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Taken from Greek mythology. Every spring Persephone leaves Hades and wakes the nature. she returns back in autumn.
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His name is as beautiful as him
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Look into my eyes and tell me what you see
Pencil portrait
A name carved in stone with an earthy background and fire markings.
Art 5
Experimenting with my sketching, this one was inspired by the singer Ashanti's album cover, though I didn't finish
2015-09-13 22.05.32-1
"It the Clown" is my favorite Childhood movie
Img 0274
a gift for someone. Playing with pencil and watercolour.