Another example of practising with a different medium
Pencil sketch of my own foal.
paper and charcoal
Things that you would see in a garden but zentangled on my 1st canvas...
I am a musician too and wanted to embody the blues in a drawing..
This is a quick pencil sketch of a lady known for making many laugh,...
A collection of some of my work from 2013. 
pen on paper  (35cm x 51cm)
Look into my eyes and tell me what you see
Thoughts of a shovel in dirt came to mind and I did a drawing.
The darkness , like a tide, it comes and it goes. The battle within...
Pencil on paper
One of my favourite bird, black, and straight.
This drawing is original except the hair I took it from a photo.
This is a charcoal drawing of a good friend of mine. Done on...
This is the beginning of a series of prints I'm working on drawing some...
fantasy drawing of a monster passing through ocean to a starry heaven.
"It the Clown" is my favorite Childhood movie
pen on paper  (35cm x 95cm)
This is a piece my 15 year old daugther did, the eagle represents her...
This was a picture I drew of Goofy from mickey mouse
Pencil on paper
I like to design with ms paint and this just came to mind.
My drawings are about images from my subconscious mind. I have these visualizations of...
pen on paper  (25cm x 35cm)
I like the traditionally rustic feel that a ax sticking in a piece of...