droplet fell from the leaf
This is a drawing made with roting ink.
Sketches in my notebook, A6 paper, used pens
I single handly drew this picture of goofy from Mickey Mouse.
Drawn with all staedtler pencils only.and erasers,
Pencil sketch of my own foal.
Doodle of zayn
This drawing is original except the hair I took it from a photo.
This is my illustration of a candle burning bright in the dark. One of...
When you were young, so much colour in your life.
This is a sketch of Tupac Shakur I did a few years ago.  I...
This was a picture I drew of Goofy from mickey mouse
Pencil portrait
Pencil on paper
Pencil on paper
pen drawing of cartoon.
Thoughts of a shovel in dirt came to mind and I did a drawing.
just a anime drawing
Excersise in working in a sepia style. I loved working on the lace in...
My inspiration comes from music, and the artistic creations that inspire life.
The dogs are insprided by pets and the land scapes are how I see...
This is a pen drawing depicting hause tribe in Nigeria.
I am a big shapes fanatic and enthusiast and through a woman's lips is...
 Following the album sketches from my favourite artists, this is the sketch I did...
quick still from a movie, can't recall
pen on paper  (35cm x 95cm)
A funkey monster at the beach to fish
Another one of my favorites is the number seven. I like to draw things...
pen on paper  (50cm x 70cm)
Character design
pen on paper  (25cm x 30cm)
paper and charcoal
pen on paper  (45cm x 45cm) (President of the Republic of Indonesia)