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My drawings come from images from my subconscious mind. I see the images, and think they look cool, then copy
-horse 01 (28x41)
pen on paper  (28cm x 41cm)
Pencil sketch from a photo of a lion lying in the grass.  Strong, but at peace... a sketch I
A name carved in stone with an earthy background and fire markings.
Art 1
This is a sketch of Tupac Shakur I did a few years ago.  I have always been a fan
Art 5
Experimenting with my sketching, this one was inspired by the singer Ashanti's album cover, though I didn't finish
Perspective drawing
Thinking about a visit to Afadjato
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A sketch of a old video game called "zelda". I play this with my dad and I really
​This is a single violet red rose in the rain. I gave it some of nature's texture with the
Blue inspires me
the reason why I draw this it is because I grew up in rural areas so I didn't get
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A pastel painting on paper in a passe-partout under the glass in a frame. The artwork has been strung
​A rope being pulled from both sides and I really demonstrate that with the tears and rips in the rope.
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Cute and loving relationship between Nobita and Shizuka.
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I was watching Bridge to terabithia and thought to myself, What if I created a character to that could
​This is my drawing of the munber 7 in dark color ends are orange  with a green background.
59 simons 2-faced competitor 2 blog has been running for a couple of years: Here are some of the illustrations created for the
​I like the appearance of cracks in objects it makes for  a good tactile image
​This my view of a lightning bolt dark in color with yellow energy  emitting from it
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another good way to keep skills fresh.
This is a piece my 15 year old daugther did, the eagle represents her free spirit and the lions represents her
Popular "Legalized Weed Campaign" which sometimes show their animal behaviour.
Sketches in my notebook, A6 paper, used pens
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Sri Krishna Janmashtmi festival special drawings
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I was inspired by my friends to do what i do