Best Artist All Around
Han Drabur
brings hope in troubled times
Hollin' At Yo Girls
A Country Love Ballard
check one of the best new hit street video in Port Harcourt Boma 48...
Life is full of chalengist so the way we go about this chalengist is...
Vicki Kiely (Pop, Adult Contemporary, Folk, Singer/Songwriter)
sketched out aged ca. 19, recorded ca. 2013.
Written ca. 2003, recorded ca. 2013.
Watch and Listen to Trap Clique's "Living My Life" hit and enjoy.
elixir for the mind to wake up
Written 2003. Recorded 8/2/15.
A score by me for the forthcoming film trailer for 24Weekers.
A track part of my first Acoustic ep.
DJ Zevzek (DJ, Electronica)
hanrisoul sacrifice by sbk
Nowhere to run is a song about finding yourself again after bad times /...
This is music written by Dan Richards- Lyrics, James Murphy- Score. It is a...
First time in a studio !  
Matchtown / Mark Roma (Pop, Singer/Songwriter, Adult Contemporary, AAA)
Walk in my mind . a tribute to finding your true soulmate
Real Afro Dancehall using Kenyan traditional instruments to compose this lovely song, from KYN...
I do not own any copyrights of the original song or instrumental beat. The...
Have you ever seen the rain
Suffit Mon Amour's Emmanuel Moire vocal cover
The future is bright for 28 year old unsigned Artist Jake Aldridge, who has...
2016's electronic dance mix of the year
“How Can I Get Close To You” is a song first drafted when I...
Trance/Electronica/Deep House
I personally dropped this track withe sole aim of encouraging the youths to be...