ABERFAN (The day a school died) The black slime slid, like a black devouring slug, It’s slow
  Courtesy of AskJeeves, and a special acknowledgement to the Google search algorithm, this anachronistic Travelocity gent lee blog, a
Soaked in Nervous sweat, with grim smile of Determined endurance  Ready for rebirth with colourful stain  Charged with
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I was asked to create a fun illustrated character to go on a school poster!
An impression painting, a man cycling while his dog leads theway down the path of the park in the early
My inspiration comes from music, and the artistic creations that inspire life.
When the door starts to slowly open within our minds eye it is then with growing fear we will have
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The energy of nature and the vortexes of beauty that can be found in fields of flowers appeals to me.
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None is perfect but we die useful. The overall advice from the song is to be kind as much as
Leopard resized (640x550)
acrylic on board prints available
The Men of Today   The men who grow their beards upside down The men who watch the paint dry
You’re worth the wait Used to be everyone’s dream, Well, so it seemed! To find that
Alexandra’s perfume quells my heart The union of an unlit heart My thoughts uneven by the way The
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Suffit Mon Amour's Emmanuel Moire vocal cover
I promise that I'm improving Getting better as the days turn Lower than 6 feet beneath the surface I've
Wisdom is dark - The soothsayer’s tongue, Muse is the cock’s cry, Strength is from tongs.
I am sure ,                 
Daddy's little girl sorry for missing your first step. Daddy's little girl never let a man call you
How can you claim to be innocent when innocent doesn't know who you are
I painted this because i am a leo, i also love the scene in the lion king, where all
I'm tired of the lies this is goodbye baby you will never change my heart broke in two all
Oil painting on canvas. More info on www.igorstatus.com
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Experimenting with my sketching, this one was inspired by the singer Ashanti's album cover, though I didn't finish
A stare from a crumpled face as gnarled fingers gently touch mine... "Don't i know you?" "
32) s-010213
Oil painting on canvas 40x50 cm. More info on www.igorstatus.com
~~Epigrams 1. There is something very sacred about the concept of Free Will. And the Spirituality of Time and Place. 2.
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Dream walking in an enchanted forest looking for the fountain of the life.
unsaved I saved you from saving me, I had no choice. I drown every time I see you. I am