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I love the artist talent used in early nude photos. The smut brigade had not quite worked their smutty ways
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I like guns, but the pistol is my favorate gun, thats why I drew it. And I actually decided to
Dont passa
Showing off for the tourists
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The painting is made on 3D canvas. All the sides are beautifully painted in tune with the painting, so framing
Like love that come as still as night, And strikes the heart full and bright,   Take my hand and
What is now wrong with you? What is your heart suffering from? You recall the growing dim pictures of your
Jazz bar
Artist Name: Momcilo Bjekovic Date Created: 2015 Size : 80 x 60 cm Materials/Media: Oil on Canvas
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Feature Film (Actor)
Madellin portrait
With Travis, one of the best travel photographers in California, you will get to know about many new photography portraits
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'The Heights' is an abridged and modernized adaptation of Emily Brontë's Wuthering Heights. Three years after Heath's
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My drawings come from images from my subconscious mind. I see the images, and think they look cool, then copy
I saw a dream that I have just one hour to live. I took my phone to check the time
Daddy's little girl sorry for missing your first step. Daddy's little girl never let a man call you
Pencil sketch commissioned by a client of her mother in law who passed recently.  My latest portrait 2016
On a picnic
Artist Name: Momcilo Bjekovic Date Created: 2014 Size : 40 x 60 cm Materials/Media: Oil on Canvas
And she doesn't care too much for me Even though I talk to her in Dothraki And do the
I stumbled across a dream last night, or at least that’s what I believe it was I seem
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I decided to mix a video for one of my favorite poem, however not any video, but one with me
Sad, sad Tears, all dried up Her silence has never been heard Gloomy is her mind, Like tear gas in
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Open Mic showcase event at Laughs Unlimited in Sacramento. Won performer of the night and joked about my little big
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His name is as beautiful as him
The intention of the script is to put viewers uptight and anticipating for more as they watch it, to
Step 3 (26-12-2013)
Oil painting on canvas. More info on
Ganoalf zabIjI
Taken from The Hobbit, a dramatic scene in the orcish cave. Created before the movies.
Waking up in my room and it's all grey thinking about what is wrong with me writing down words
Queen wins chess
Queen Wins Chess 9" x 12" acrylic on canvas $40.00 If you want to buy this piece, email me at manolito
My inspiration comes from music, and the artistic creations that inspire life.
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Some scribbles done with Prismacolor markers.
This can't be right ! In this world, were we born to fight ? The good and evil, both of