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It's 12 am I'm out at the bar I'm trying hard not to think about you but when
AS    A    Warrior    A.G Ogbenigho Odiri   The clock shies
  Lost inside her own creation sound...just rayless No words to describe her deva
LOVERS ENDING FRIENDS The love we had and shared, cannot be ignored,erased nor deleted. you were everything,everyman would
I'm tired of the lies this is goodbye baby you will never change my heart broke in two all   To many times in my life Have I tried to
she was... dressed like those in show biz in saintly days of yore, with an insense of fresh roses more
And we're not talking some kind of metaphorical rain  That's representing pain Or the bad times That
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We wanted to take a moment to share a vibrant, stylish and eye grabbing animation we created to help spread
One Way Street One way street One way street is most of us live our lives Never understanding lies ,we
Oil painting on canvas. More info on
Invasion   Darkness, terror     footsteps silently creeping     eyes shut tight     barely
Wake up! Wake up! Wake up! He was heard along the corridors Wake up! Wake up! Wake up! Shouting, banging
1 He Used To Be A Poet…   He used to be a poet but he put it to
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show me love by goalgueta
#Philosophistication Finally the young brethren has risen from the ashy bed of his grave. The skeptical writer is now being
~~The Open Road I want to leave and to never return Spin those tires and make em burn Head out
The flame that was resonating within your soul finally got dim At the end of the road At the bottom
darkest days of my life....
  Less than twenty-four hours after dashing off a poem     explaining why i wanted to die found
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Subscribe: A short video that James Fenner ( and
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Dog with Headphones. These were made for a client. If you're interested in an animal painting, you can
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With english subtitles! The hungarian title is "Természet". Made for the OKTF NHI Film Competition in 2016.