House contains. So it can deliver a sense of warmth but also of oppression....
Eagle Charging; Lazy Sealions; Love the Moose
Cats are amazing animals and always know whats going on around them!
Hope Is……. Like the Chicago Ferris Wheel at night time. It shines as bright as the cosmos....
this is me in everyday lifr
This was taken in Ft. Lauderdale Beach
Mr Masvingo
Perhaps one of the most gorgeous island vistas anywhere in the world, Santorini offers...
My inspiration comes from music, and the artistic creations that inspire life.
black and white archiecture photography – contemporary art – lines & curves – minimalism ...
Dhaka, Bangladesh
This photograph (digitally edited) was the basis of the cover for my novel Breakers of...
Very unusual sunset that lasted for a while
Eminem Rapture Tour. Melbourne, Australia 2014
Best way to visit the wonderful Inside Passage
Calm waters and magnificent colors
countingcoins band from Hull live at freedom festival 


Muestra de blanco y negro. Soria; Spain.
Nikon D610 Nikkor 14-24mm f/2.8 14.0 mm ƒ/8 ...
winning the Australian of the Year
Black and white candid portraits.
Bus ride. We are all going somewhere.
It was such a wonderful feeling seeing this and capturing a beautiful moment.
A Hindu monk is silhouetted in sunlight on a winter morning at a mango...
I have never met a subset that wasn't beautiful. Each sunset reveals its journey...


sbk dance crew
A random selection of my type of photo's I enjoy taking and manipulating.
My project shows different places of Azerbaijan with double exposure. This series may be...
Denali, the North American highpoint.
Random pics from my Vac in Peru
a study around Sydney