I was your balloon, You had me so high. My head overflated, filled to max capacity. You couldn't have possibly
~~And here i arrive at the lovers gate, Steering thoughts to captivate the ferrying notions of our fate, the empty,
  repugnant racist republican reviled - rickettsia re:itch ruler.  rapaciously ravaged revered reverential rubric.  radical ruthless renegade
When the door starts to slowly open within our minds eye it is then with growing fear we will have
Never again will I let u go echoes the regret of my heart. As my blood flows sorrow fills me
Christmas is coming, hip hip hooray! Better start spending without delay. Log on to Amazon, it's easy that way,
The book is open, All the words are spilled; Left to the mercy of the world, To be interpreted, and
Not even the thickest of the clouds         can keep the sun        
I'll help you out i'll help you out i wont let you drown from within i'll
Like a ship that passes in the night you again come in my dreams by night. But, alas, the dreams
Is your list unwritten on the things you said you would do covered in dust and doubt in your closet
I write much hic cup ado    About nothing, which involuntary explosive release    comes clear out of


Wide eyed whores mingle with barroom bores Girls with soured sugar daddy's  Police taken their take ,women 
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Rags and Clothes (On Friendship) A man amidst two fools Is a fool, a big fool So it's for most
After you died, I filled your clothes with air and took you walking.   Inflated, you were new-born, elated: a
How can you claim to be innocent when innocent doesn't know who you are
Yet again I woke up today to no surprises but no sense of purpose in my life. I can remember
 My pain  A painting of shame  Upon these white walls of stature  So statute, so still,
Walking down the scales of rhyme Time slows and effervescent glow Bubbling the words from within Unto the
  When I look at you I see a miraculous sight I see a vision of beauty A thing of
Fifth Night   -  Austin Ogbenigho Odiri O’ how old was the night I do not know
When does your mind out live the body you feed that keeps your thoughts within the dream
Her skin is a galaxy of oceans, she can be seen to the depths of her soul. Her eyes are
Olympus   I dreamt about the crumbling hills, of lavender, drenched, scented Highlights of silver dusty light, grey moons, sad
I am as a bird, soaring on the invisible, Transfixed between the earth and a thin veil of white.
Wake up! Wake up! Wake up! He was heard along the corridors Wake up! Wake up! Wake up! Shouting, banging
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The Twenty First Century will be like no other. For millennia the human race experienced glacial progress forward. Generation after
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SAIMON KWENDA 25. MASTERMIND The nobel peace price, The guiness book recording, The ascension of army ranking, The engineering of the
I am sure ,           It was at about the age of twenty  When
Adapted from my upcoming poetry book FLAMES OF THE WORLD SAIMON KWENDA 29. THE LION IN ME IS ROARING The time
Full moon
 My mind waxes and wanes like the moon.  I need my best friend to make thoughts full.  
The party was like a night shift on the line in a chicken factory - - endless, sweaty and hostile,
I DO NOT LIKE THAT HILLARY CLINTON (to be read with a rap-like beat!)   By Elizabeth Stauffer   I
Fly away, want away, to a far distant land, Close your eyes, a surprise, and hold me by the hand,
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JUST AS I AM.....BY ANTHONY DIM You know, we all just knew, That being different was so new’ Suffocating,