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IFEDO, My love for you.. Ifedo, (who you are) You are my only problem, yet, my only solution.. Ifedo, You
The person who trust me trust false The person who trust my inner person trust the truth In me there
A tear formed watching news the other day  A drop form in eye making pond to stay  It
Do we not live in the ruins of past pious words do we not tread the polluted waters of today
No words abled for communication Her surface warm but her heart unstable Her body aches and trembles with confusion
Watching Watching them singing, Clapping and jumping and dancing, they seem to be enjoying enjoying every bit of the grooving
The mirage of the rape field Is shimmering in the wavy sunlight Making the effect of a glowing fire  
  Upon bitterly cold dawning hours of one January 2000 day the Harns family desperately sought a place to live –
We can no longer live in the land of our birth when what we need only exists within foreign lands
The flame that was resonating within your soul finally got dim At the end of the road At the bottom
I want u to know my love for u is ever so deep. And know ill always a hold u
~~Put my hand in the ocean blue And stir it around for me and you And bless it with an
THE DEVIL IN MARY KAY     Never again!! You said Never again!!! You wailed Then waltz in the devil
Take a deep slow breath, Just let yourself go Far beyond what you've seen And what you know.  
~~And here i arrive at the lovers gate, Steering thoughts to captivate the ferrying notions of our fate, the empty,
To the princess trapped in the glass bottle. Take a few steps back, I'm going to bust the glass and
Never again will I let u go echoes the regret of my heart. As my blood flows sorrow fills me
It was at about the age of twenty  When I was pondering the holy trinity  and it all
Dear Mom,  you always say to have respect.  But you don't understand, admiring  beauty is something
Thank you! For the smile you always gave us when you were alive. For showing us the way how we
  There was nothing more he could do. However, there was one. To hide from it all, He only had
Shine down in fluorescence, Calm all my pertubance, Lest this world break my every sense, Heal me at a glance.
Life has caused me at times to feel like a string-puppet Holding out my hands to heart-ache…here take
Is it not the language of your thoughts that should be given priority when you speak
Fear overtakes me when I think of the direction our community is heading. I often ask myself why don't
Dear Artist Musician, Author, Dancer and Designer Not many can say they've had the courage to spread their wings,
Knowledge is wisdom. Wisdom is Knowledge. Only a wise man will look at life different. Only a fool would jump
  Should I find a genie in a bottle Would I set him free Or would I keep him for
High above the world she walks, an acrobat. She balances her supple frame  on the taut wire
The Colours of my Thoughts Don't rely on the paintbrush in my hand Multitudes of rainbows of all sorts
To the lady with the sweetest smiles and brownie eyes This was never meant to be written It was meant
I write much hic cup ado    About nothing, which involuntary explosive release    comes clear out of
1 He Used To Be A Poet…   He used to be a poet but he put it to
You do not see shades between The black lines of your world It's either right Or it's a