The mind is an elaborate web weaved of thought, That synaptic silk latches on to liberating ideas like flies that
Be patient don't hurry things You might hurry your death, Wait, watch do not blink. Good things come to
Humanity is now united with the nations who are divided on the policys provided on how to squeese the poor
  1.    You’ve been suffering for long As you wade through the storms of life&rsquo
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I can't close my eyes, You're stuck on my mind. I can't fall asleep, You're exactly
~~Poems to Enlighten Dear Lord; God, Please help me to relay your significant message.  Clear me for your divine
On an orbital railway does the globe run it's course Ever spinning into the shade of the void, perpetuating
YES TO YOU 1    So many times that I’ve said maybe So many times that I
When I hate, my enemies seem happier than I’ve ever been. They breathe my air, take my toys,
I don't believe it's over, I have faith in love. I just believe you've lost yours. I
Atrophy poem by Carling Ernstzen I feel like the breathe has been ripped from my chest, pulled out like a
No my child just pray just pray. Everyday every minute a child goes without because of the love they don
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I once used to say,               
Within the chaos of your thoughts do you remmber who you are
WHO AM I? I work hard each day, Yet my boss gives me no pay. I can’t quiet,
  Perchance yar juiced a young man or woman  maybe born, bread and raised in the city that never
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the old infant day sweep My bed close to thee's I weep Am a as low as the cloud Neither
  Lost inside her own creation sound...just rayless No words to describe her deva
This Moment/Wings sprouting darkly/Between shoulder blades/ This moment/A song vibrating/In the mouth of silence//Each flower
the love of our children
~~ A BETTER WORLD  Let’s try and make a better world one filled with love and hope  
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The Flickering Candle. You touched my life from the day you looked at me, as if your stare saw straight
~~ To live and dream of things to come For each and everyone. A land so pure and full of joy
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Madiba the last testament of Africa; Hope of Africa!  Since the 60s the Black Pimpernel of the masses!
The moss carpet laid by no man and threaded on by same, a hue to never be replicated by no
Full moon
 My mind waxes and wanes like the moon.  I need my best friend to make thoughts full.  
Olympus   I dreamt about the crumbling hills, of lavender, drenched, scented Highlights of silver dusty light, grey moons, sad
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What’s Life? Seventy years is span of man That’s three scores and ten Walking three quarters
LIES            Ogbenigho. A. Godstime   Lies are interesting Are
Napping Nana   She does it in the afternoon She does it at night She naps My Nana She naps
~~Epigrams 1. There is something very sacred about the concept of Free Will. And the Spirituality of Time and Place. 2.
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BIRTHRIGHT   If destiny deem that I should rule – a throne be mine to claim   But – for
The Neighbour's Wife Swaying her hips provocatively she walked past me The sight of her sway tantalizing the taste
Klinks of empty bottles on concrete lazy heat, blowing in my hair.. yes and my dress "Don't you
Autumn pumpkin
Hour two hands clock back sixty minutes of Autumn Round about this same of month every year, what a bum
Wise no adulation, dedication and gratification     not emphasized the other three hundred and sixty four days a
Be not bound in true love's light As beauty decays in my true love's eyes Never to rescind