Fear corner
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  Switching and kidnapping children The naughty ones Year after year Santa grew weary of it Wrote a letter Cease
~~Put my hand in the ocean blue And stir it around for me and you And bless it with an
Our nation is for worship, so declare its valleys, where very old waterway flood the occupied sphere of life, below
~~ Noisy streets on a Friday night. People walking, feeling all right. Cops around, keeping people from a fight. Music playing,
In life you presume in death you know
NIRVANA   Existence and blissful experience in harmony, my friend A blown out candle and a flame at your life
Drifting high in early autumn sunlight  Swaying care free, harmlessly in mid air  A fall down into a
Out of the Box   Out of the Box I was lost in the box called life…In it,
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 ABERFAN (The day a school died) The black slime slid, like a black devouring slug, It’s slow
~~O wondrous face of beauty. So tame and yet so wild. Much wisdom carries you Upon the land which you
THE DRUG CREATOR Joy a name, cries a face. Smile a heavy heart of fame. Wondering how, when and what
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its always a accident with you or you didnt mean it  you know my heart when i gave it
Sometimes when we fall we can get up like nothing happened. We can move on from it, laugh about it
Wealth By Adam Thomas Wright   When I was a child I needed to be wealthy I would much rather
To the lady with the sweetest smiles and brownie eyes This was never meant to be written It was meant
To me, the love of Christ is rich and free For Christ once died for us on Calvary To me,
I am work of Art   Many walk this earth seeking purpose Trying to make sense of who they are
Knowledge is wisdom. Wisdom is Knowledge. Only a wise man will look at life different. Only a fool would jump
Do you remember that day we climbed The fuzzy mountain sprung and gay Upon which the fog rose so near
Thank you! For the smile you always gave us when you were alive. For showing us the way how we
Collectors of the Nectar   As Rose does open her petals wide in the morning light The collectors of her
Truth is I miss you And I cry myself to sleep
Orlando and jennifer
My Love  My love is true, And it’s all for you.   My heart sees a love,
The mirage of the rape field Is shimmering in the wavy sunlight Making the effect of a glowing fire  
I see you on the windowsill, I see your eyes so clear, You stand there never looking in, never showing
~~ To live and dream of things to come For each and everyone. A land so pure and full of joy
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DEATH IN PALMYRA   Dream a palm garden oasis in a sunlit desert mirage Imagine camel trains trailing silk road
I wrote a poem today.  I tried to tell you.  I tried to read it to you.  
Bee on a cape honeysuckle - copy
LITTLE BEE©    Little Bee, little Bee, Buzzing around the Silk Floss tree, A feast of pink blooms
Because they told me That the empire needed me I had to be prepared to die If I wanted to
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Its presence wakes us remind us of the new day the little ones rejoice  the old count their day
Watching Watching them singing, Clapping and jumping and dancing, they seem to be enjoying enjoying every bit of the grooving
<p style="text-align: center;" center;"="">Pondering in sloth riddled exile, dirty, mudded and
Life has caused me at times to feel like a string-puppet Holding out my hands to heart-ache…here take
For forgiveness    - Austin Ogbenigho Odiri  If vintage and ale and spirit and cognac  Ah