how tramp lowered the bar and vitiated hard won liberties.
Someone dear to me adores reading my poetry, thus this one is for him.
I have been going throug a rough times after getting medically retired from the...
How I feel lately
About being in a very unhappy childhood but being saved every week by the...
A divorced woman that begins dating again.
Sad feelings
Missing a love that has walked away, since then life seems bleek, hoping for...
Maybe only read this if you're 12years+ old?
A poem I wrote about the destructive nature of both the media and politics
its about my anger and what it takes and how it feels,
This poem is about faith
This poem is about resentment of being overlooked
The poem captures the fears and thoughts when we return home after being away...
The poem is for a beautiful lady, a firiend (Oluwadetan is her name) who...
Him leaving... again
this poem is about the rise of Africa from the dust to the mountains
thee essential crux of poem attempted to focus how one can entertain their self...
if you can imagine it then you can do it :)
its about my life …. the struggle i face everyday
It’s about a day walking the cobbled streets of Praira da rocha
it is about fear that prevents me from reaching my full potential
This poem shows the reader that America is nothing without her soldiers. It also...
  Tiny bird on my sill, tell me why are you so still?  ...