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There is a place, a rooming house, where the physical reality surrounding us is in perfect tune with, and in
Fear, it's all in you, in your head. It's only as big as you make it. If you
The unknown
Fulani herdsmen
What inspired this story was the indiscriminate herding of cattles by herdsmen in the streets when they are supposed to
sex inpired me to write this piece because without it as we all know there will be no life.
I had a dream one time about seeing a man with a dark shadow behind him. That was or is
His back is against us. Arched like a cat's. He hurriedly tucks at the hindrance at his waistline, with
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Experience inspired this and taught me that whatever we go through as human beings can either make us or break
  Comparing  deference culture
Daddy and me
To share some of my wonderful childhood memoriesof a loving and dedicated father.
A possible King Arthur story.
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I like Horror movies and the powers of the mind. I just linked them together to create a nice story.
This is part of a series about Arcadia Thiessen, the unfaithful wife, and the consequences that flowed from her significant
Inspired by my daily experiences and those of people around me
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This story was inspired by an article in a woman’s magazine entitled ‘I lost 25kg and found
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This started as a 100 word Drabble but as soon as I finished writing it, a plot line appeared in the
Girl crying
The meaning behind this story is that children get sad, and feel that they have no place to go or
Bear teddy - roberts
A legend has been solved.  This very old, unique stuffed bear of mine. I just had to solve the
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lovemaking and relationships. I think every being needs sex.
~~   A PARTY IN THE PARK Outside the Hotel Santa Clara it's getting dark, and the night people
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Rugby is a game that, from March to October is watched, debated, screamed at and idolised in every pub in
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The title "The Lie I Told Last Christmas" just jumped into my head and i saw myself writing. So many
This is a cute little story about a special Christmas gift for one special young girl. 
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I like Horror movies and the powers of the mind. I just took the two interests of mine and put
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A succint flashback to my teenage years. I had failed an exam in school. I was at church when a
The meaning is to try and tell about a man and his life and how he was changed spiritually. 
I was obliged to write about one of the many urban legends of Namibia which i grew up with. Urban