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“Is lonely Back Again”              
“Goin Fishin”   Verse 1 Well its 5 o’clock and the son not up You can hear my
SPEND MY TIME WITH YOU   I cannot hide behind this truth That, I can’t live – life
~~One Final Kiss                  
Let me tell you about a woman that they call the back widow. She's probally somewhere sneaking around looking
~~MY NIGHT She walks into the room, the likes I've never seen. Her long silk hair is lovely, it'
darkest days of my life....
Just step on up and slap that money down.  If you are lucky, you might be greeted by someone
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~~The Open Road I want to leave and to never return Spin those tires and make em burn Head out
My Old Ford Truck I’ve got an old Ford truck that I bought in 85 It’s got
why would I be calling you why would I want to speak with you why would I want to hold
“Last thing I Needed”  
©2011    IN THEORY [BRIDGE] LA  LA  LA ……………….. LA 
Jake aldridge
Jake Aldridge – Where Do We Go – Lyrics   1ST VERSE Back In The Day We Were The Perfect
“Sixteen Ways Too Crazy” Verse: 1 We’ll I heard you pokin fun at that old cowboy Ya
Waking up in my room and it's all grey thinking about what is wrong with me writing down words
I got up again this morning to face another day, but I don't need no one too tell me it
chorus Uthando Kuyinto Imfihlakalo. ebuka umlando waaaaaami. nombulelo, iikumbulo kufutshane lokufuma uthando olutsha. Uthando Iwami olusha. Uthando Iwami oluuuushaaaa. They
You wanna pick a fight and I know you'll always win so what am I to do I'm
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From out the darkness within my shadow, the distant evil that carries me tomorrow. Myself and I as a pair
“I Won’t Fight Again” I was there when the war was new I even bled
Things have been rough for us lately I know And sometimes it feels like we'll never get out of
I'm just an ordinary, ordinary joe   Nothin much to do, nowhere to go   I got an ordinary
It's those quiet times that I  feel it truly when there's no escape away  a moment
Scary bunny 1 2014
I Waterboarded Sheikh Mohammad by Melvin Toast   This here’s a song about the man who waterboarded Sheikh
I often cry
I often cry when I see you smile. When I see you smile. I remember the days when I was
sometimes you feel that the skies are grey your heart is screaming you just can't find your way you
a sort of attraction friction an ecstatic static electrical charge molecules vibrate within the space between contact a kiss the


I  the loneliest creature in the world must face oblivion by myself  only I I am leaving my
The night is falling and shadows come crawling but sleep, just sleep my darling For I will keep watch over
Someday i'll be a big old man with them big old eyes and you will be laughing at me
Just buy me something pretty and put it on the belt.  Let the cashier ring it.  Take it