I remember when we first met   I promised you the world it's true   There's nothing I
“I Never Met a Woman That I Wanted So Much”   I never met a woman that I
Loves just half the answer
Love’s Just Half the Answer Our emotions had said it all. Our hearts sent no mixed messages, Couldn
I'm just an ordinary, ordinary joe   Nothin much to do, nowhere to go   I got an ordinary
Dying flowers 061
A jaunty little number i wrote when I was 18, will upload a video soon...
why would I be calling you why would I want to speak with you why would I want to hold
I got up again this morning to face another day, but I don't need no one too tell me it
Youve seen sh*t I can see it in your eyes. your missing someone, theyre watching over you from the
a sort of attraction friction an ecstatic static electrical charge molecules vibrate within the space between contact a kiss the
Stand   Oh no here we go again  Another chance to maybe sink or swim Feed our children educate
~~Consumed   Why don’t we drink till we drown our sorrow? Raise our glasses toward a better tomorrow
“I Don’t Want to Get Up”   Chorus: I don’t want to wake-up I
sometimes you feel that the skies are grey your heart is screaming you just can't find your way you
Scary bunny 1 2014
I Waterboarded Sheikh Mohammad by Melvin Toast   This here’s a song about the man who waterboarded Sheikh
When we first hooked up this ride was such a thrill,   It was fast and furious we never sat
I had a great time being with you tonight Your hair, your eyes your fragrant smell Your beauty was out
Just buy me something pretty and put it on the belt.  Let the cashier ring it.  Take it
File pic
He’s MY man Here comes my man, Look at him, he’s so strong. Oh those arms,
“Last thing I Needed”  
I'm looking at you with them tight jeans on got my head spinning round on yeah looking at you
I often cry
I often cry when I see you smile. When I see you smile. I remember the days when I was
My intuition
My Intuition If I follow my mind, I shouldn’t go wrong. Something inside told me, You were not
Let me tell you about a woman that they call the back widow. She's probally somewhere sneaking around looking
EYE told SKELETON, we have a BONE to pick. Read the charges on the SPINAL COLUMN, EYE then
darkest days of my life....
©2011    IN THEORY [BRIDGE] LA  LA  LA ……………….. LA 
Just step on up and slap that money down.  If you are lucky, you might be greeted by someone
Wondering If ill ever reach my climax, and I aint talking about that small town in Georgia. Edward
Jake aldridge
Jake Aldridge – Where Do We Go – Lyrics   1ST VERSE Back In The Day We Were The Perfect
Kids are kids They can’t think like us, Instead they wink at us. That’s just their
Married but single 1
Married but Single Open up the door, I need some fresh air,  Now move out the way, daylight, reappear.
~~One Final Kiss                  
As the world changes
As the World Changes As the world changes, Everything rearranges. We’re going through phases, It’s like
Blessed is He Who comes in the nme In The Nme of The Lord Hoznn in the highest
Wrong mom wrong dad
Wrong Mom Wrong Dad When mom and dad separated, I was so, so devastated. When they decided to divorce, That
  If only I could fly you far, far away To a new place, find a new scene Show you