I'm tired of the lies this is goodbye baby you will never change my heart broke in two all
Darkest Days of my life.....
chorus Uthando Kuyinto Imfihlakalo. ebuka umlando waaaaaami. nombulelo, iikumbulo kufutshane lokufuma uthando olutsha. Uthando Iwami olusha. Uthando Iwami oluuuushaaaa. They
“I Never Met a Woman That I Wanted So Much”   I never met a woman that I
“Tomorrow May Never Come My Way”            
Youve seen sh*t I can see it in your eyes. your missing someone, theyre watching over you from the
Let me tell you about a woman that they call the back widow. She's probally somewhere sneaking around looking
njagala *3 omudemu
“Momma We Miss You” (Phrase 1) Well momma, it’s been a while, since we had a talk,
Man in the mirror, bigger picture got lot bigger. swore in my mind i just hit her. My funny little
I had a great time being with you tonight Your hair, your eyes your fragrant smell Your beauty was out
Dying flowers 061
A jaunty little number i wrote when I was 18, will upload a video soon...
Where the love lies
talked  Those sparkles in our dreams voices behind our buried screams the soil under our feet They've all
Kids are kids They can’t think like us, Instead they wink at us. That’s just their
As the world changes
As the World Changes As the world changes, Everything rearranges. We’re going through phases, It’s like
“Red Light Special”     Well I was sippen on Tequila when this pretty little thing Walked
I got up again this morning to face another day, but I don't need no one too tell me it
Stand   Oh no here we go again  Another chance to maybe sink or swim Feed our children educate
It's those quiet times that I  feel it truly when there's no escape away  a moment
Someday i'll be a big old man with them big old eyes and you will be laughing at me
I'm looking at you with them tight jeans on got my head spinning round on yeah looking at you
“I Won’t Fight Again” I was there when the war was new I even bled
sometimes you feel that the skies are grey your heart is screaming you just can't find your way you
“Is lonely Back Again”              
It's 12 am I'm out at the bar I'm trying hard not to think about you but when
Verse 1 I was there when the war was new I fought and killed as I was trained to do I
a sort of attraction friction an ecstatic static electrical charge molecules vibrate within the space between contact a kiss the
Verse 1: I want you to know that you're killing me slowly I need you to know that I won'
Just step on up and slap that money down.  If you are lucky, you might be greeted by someone
Verse 1.         I thought. This time. I could see the words of truth
Tip Jar Well he makes his living playing country music With his old guitar he roams from town to town
“I Don’t Want to Get Up”   Chorus: I don’t want to wake-up I