Faustin TKJ https://youtu.be/EOYf1kgRANE

Faustin TKJ   https://youtu.be/EOYf1kgRANE

Lyrics by Faustin TKJ.

Hello* Hello* Hello baby.
Are you, are you there?
Ohhhhhh yes
Just to check you out baby
To make sure you're alright
Yeah, OK OK OK.

For all the time that I've known you.
From the first date that I met you.
You've shown me you're good.
You've shown me you're great.
You made me feeling, 
true love trusting.
Your love is sincere.
You've trusted me even before you knew me.

I've enjoyed the times that I was with you.
The way you touched was so good then I couldn't leave you.
You kissed me so perfect so good and I couldn't believe.
You grabbed me so strong like I will never leave.

Your smiles is so pretty.
Your look is so sexy.
The way you walk is like a design design.
Your beauty is so real.
You were made like an angel.
I love the way you talking to me.

Baby it's your first kiss, makes me feeling loved forever. 
Baby you're the best thing Make me feeling loved forever. *2

I will hug baby
I will I will make my angel
I will kiss baby
I will I will make you my treasure
I will have you baby
I will I I will give you everything's
That's make you
Feeling like a Queen yeah yeah *2

Like a swallow in a storm
You are the sun drying my wings.
I will give my life for you 
To be the one for whom you're reserved
All your loves

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