Borrow me your torch

Trying to hold on to something that I cannot even see

Borrow me your torch


I was told where there is darkness there is light

I seem to have lost my torch because I cannot see anything

The road seems to get steeper as I rise

The journey is too long.

Where do I turn for help because it is so dark?

Who do I call out to because my train of life is empty?

How do I shout if I can barely hear my own voice ?

Even my tears seem to have given up on me.

My song of joy has lost its tune

Even my inner goddess can't dance to it

Borrow me your torch,let me light up my way

I can't seem to grab hold of anything even

A blind man can sense his future better than me

My own thoughts just wonder around

They are not stable enough to hold

My mind seems to be quick

Because I can't even keep up with my thoughts

They told me to choose the right battles

At times I'm just afraid I will lose

I'm not afraid of the battle,

But what if it turns up not to be worth it?

Only if my battles were promising then my mind would be at ease

But what's life without risks because we can win all the time


Keep keeping on they say,what they don't understand is that my life is like a deck of cards faced down and I don't know what the next card holds but all ask is for you to borrow me your torch for a bit of light.


Borrow me your torch

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