Darkness over Light

This is about people choosing to be dark than being a light in this earth. They’d rather do bad things that feed their souls, than good things that feed their souls. Why do we do this? Because our nature is to do bad things rather than good.
What inpired me was being in my room in the dark and feeling scared but the moment I turned on the light, I felt at peace. Same thing goes with spiritual darkness and light.

Why is fear
Always waiting for us in the darkness?
Why is peace
Always waiting for us in the light?
Why do people
Take pleasure in the darkness?
Why do people
Ignore real pleasures in being in the light?
Why love the darkness
When fear comes along with it?
Why hate the light
When the light is what gives us peace? 
Why guide yourself towards fear
Knowing you can find peace?
Why choose darkness over light?
Darkness over Light

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