it is about the bomb attract in Manchester

Hear A Pin Drop
Poem Written By Steven J Kelly
© COPYRIGHT Kellywood Productions 2012-17
 All Rights Reserved.

I could hear a pin drop then...respect
I opened my ears lest we forget.
The People that died for no unearthly reason. 
Terrorist scum should be hanged for treason.

I could hear a pin drop.
to the deathly silence.
I opened my heart....
To the sound of sirens. 
People injured or badly maimed.
22 Innocents the police have named.

I could hear a pin drop 
no one is there.
Evil bastards that didn't really care.
Living in fear from day to day.
Propaganda words they chose to say.

I could hear a pin drop
…Death all around.
I opened my eyes to the sights and the sounds. 
People trying to hide their fears
People crying Crocodile tears.

I could hear a pin drop
so let us prey.
It was In the name of religion
or so they say.

I Could hear a pin drop
but I didn't know where.
The stench of death 
you could smell in the air.

When I heard the pin drop 
I could smell that stench. 
Just like the old tramp asleep on the bench. 
Families with loved ones that forever have gone.
We're mancunians and we carry on.





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