My Nation

this poem was inspired based on the way my country react to one another and the kind of love they show to each other

Our nation is for worship,
so declare its valleys,
where very old waterway flood
the occupied sphere of life,
below the proud eyeball of birds decorating the sky.

My state is for stillness,
so says the wholesale,
where the reptiles embrace its face by means of neat actions,
splendidly in their pleasures.

My fatherland is for happiness,
so chatter the mass with monkeys,
leaping from rock to stone,
in the royal delight of rock face and peaks.

My motherland is for physical condition and wealth,
see the navy of the sea and beneath.
the charms of fish full of meaning under the insides of soil,
listen to the fair voice of a miner’s praise.

by Obed Michael (Humility Mike)

My Nation

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