My Shadow

You are never alone. You have your shadow, your personality or personalities or the love of someone, and to know there's always someone out there just like you somewhere far away. There's also different planes of realities as well as the fact that we have the power to actually clone. Yeah. You are never alone. There's always something part or parcel you whether in sight or out of sight.

From out the darkness within my shadow, the distant evil that carries me tomorrow. Myself and I as a pair of wings as friendship rings. Two together forever as it seems whom I trust in the deepest sorrows that will be there to create a smile. I am not alone, cloned. A mask hiding the light of thought where I am where I ought This planet of desire and greed, this place of love and jealousy. My soul is loaned but with my shadow I know I am not alone, cloned. From out the darkness within my shadow the only one I would rather follow, me. Not empty but not full shallow with dreams to unfold. Most have been beheld and sold. These beings from the evolution that wallows blindly in the cold being what they are told. Without a thought of any reason why they dream loving the entertaining of things. My shadow walks with me dancing wickedly in the sunshine driving mad by the anger of men, creations cradling comforts for none. I just ponder here then. Reminisce the entanglement by a web woven for time. Remember that whatever daggers the heart there's that shadow of mine, the disguised ego as a clod. I am my own god. -

My Shadow

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