Strength of a Survivor

A straightforward poem that gives energy to those who might think anything good in life comes easy. Some people just have to keep fighting in a just manner for what they really want. These individuals (and we know ourselves) have to fight tooth and nail to get things done, but that helps to sustain our deep values placed on our achievements.  

Strength of a Survivor

Heaven’s path is paved with good intentions.

Survival is the source of many inventions.

Strong nerves fire on all six cylinders.

Hands are worthless without the fingers.

Everything works together for good.

This saying is often misunderstood.

The power of the pack is in how they think.

The strength of a chain is its weakest link.

As hard as they come is as great as they fall.

The survivor beats odds to get over the wall.

Obstacles are there every step of the way.

The journey of life grows shorter each day.

An ostrich may cover many grounds on land,

But the secret of survival isn’t found in the sand.

When the chips are down as they will often be,

And the clouds are too thick for the survivor to see,

The scars of the struggle will always be there,

To remind the ranger he’s a stranger to fear.

When the combatant loses his coat of arms,

And strength is scarce to weather the storms,

The time is rife to pretend to be still,

Never to think of throwing in the towel.

Where there’s life there’s always hope;

Survival requires great strength to cope.

The lesson of life lies in the breath of air:

Never give up as long as it’s there.


Author: Vernon Augustus Brooks


Tel.: 8762750959/4419690

Strength of a Survivor

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