The Fight

This poem is written from the perspective of a person who is one half of a relationship and it is told in the aftermath of an argument between the couple. The narrator feels powerless to express themselves and relays the struggle of trying to do so with a partner that prefers to keep a lid on certain aspects of themselves and the relationship. The narrator is accusing the other half of the relationship of trying to disguise controlling and manipulative tactics as calmness and maturity. The narrator is broken by the fight and by the cool tactics of his partner and submits to her.

I will have to admit that the poem was inspired by my own personal experiences.

There are things that you don’t like to talk about,

So you walk away while I flail and shout.

You say my attitude’s to blame

And that one of us should walk away.

I suspect that it’s a passive act;

You light the fuse and watch me react.

You never concede or admit you’re wrong –

In your tiny world you are God.

You’re so used to being in charge.

I’m afraid you’ll break my heart

Because you never relinquish your hold

On anything; you love control,

I’m tired of the underhanded tactics

So, if you want this win, then you can have it.



The Fight

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