places amongst the faces, no where else to go, see, share and let alone touch.


I saved you from saving me, I had no choice. I drown every time I see you.

I am sinking facing you, you are still- eyes wide shut. I am paralyzed in fear,

disappearing today together, Hopefully tomorrow we could both be reappearing.

I cannot save anyone, and I know that you were told, Someday I would save you. Dead Again Together.

Panic and pain mourns the fact that I could never be your man. 

I only knew my mother's womb, through flesh, I transgress. Only spirit abandons the soul, as the soul is locked forever in the past's tomb.

Where are your father's hands, he can scoop you out my dream. The man that your Daddy was, does not reside in his dream that you painted,

pure nothing until tainted. I can only save you from comfortable bliss, holding your head into the blazing mist,that you and I somehow miss.

Denial acts innocence and the verdict is lost in the incessant wail, Damned forever, by love, living in the static of our singular dream.

I never wanted to infiltrate your freedom. I pushed you in, and so I must follow you into the abyss.

We are sinking closer and darker, the floor is where we will disappear, I don't want to disappear,

the floor like smoke, I remember how to choke, My favorite teacher has now become a preacher

and so we gently touch the bottom and a blinding silt swallows us into the oblivion of all.

Copyright © Phillip Chames | Year Posted 2016


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