What is Life

This poem underscores people’s attitude towards each other when it’s down to going through a lifetime. There’s the temptation to think we are here to stay, but that’s certainly not the case. If we just bear in mind that if we are lucky we will only go through a seventy-year timeline according to The Holy Bible, we would look out for each other to ensure that we all have a grand time on earth. 

What’s Life?

Seventy years is span of man

That’s three scores and ten

Walking three quarters on his hands

Grandsire sits by the fans


Craving troops ignore no stones

Lame tangled in their wake

Forgetting all springs from the zones

Command to break those bones


Fruits of labour encaged in banks

Keys to wisdom’s treasure

Death came knocking all at once

Heirloom passed by the ranks


Purse strings tethered to the chest

Neighbours perish aloud

Life’s pleasantries will never set

Treasures not withstand the test


Knowing future is clandestine

Guessing game soars high

Today in a fool’s paradise

Tomorrow to join a line


Death’s open door for every man

Lest anyone should prance

There’s good wonder what’s beyond

Savouring youthful élan

What is Life

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