The Visitor

The Visitor

The unknown

Namibia, the Land of the Brave. A land so majestic that it is home to the oldest human inhabitants of earth, the San clan who harbor tales, or rather accounts of untold anomalies forever lost in time. Fortunately, the truths behind these accounts are now almost completely inaccessible to humanity for their discovery may lead to death, or worse.
The account of Axue best describes as such. Axue was an ordinary teenage girl who belonged to the great San Clan that ruled over the vast Savannah plains countless millennia ago. Every evening she always marveled at the folktales the elders told around the bonfires; stories of stars coming to earth to meet them, of giant gods buried underneath the prodigious dunes of the Namib Desert and countless accounts of journeys to the realm of dreams. These tales not only stimulated her already volatile imagination, but also stoked the flames of adventure within her. From all the tales told, she was greatly fascinated by those which told of visits from the stars and the so called gods beneath the dunes. Axue always gazed at the stars every evening to glimpse at any spectacle she would be lucky enough to see, but was often unfortunate, until one day.
One evening while she pensively gazed at the star filled sky under the lunar light of the full moon, Axue saw what she believed to be a shooting star, but realized it was no such thing because it landed some meters from her clan’s sojourn near a cave and created a great wind when it landed. She was filled with excitement and curiosity and ran as fast as she could to the site. Upon arrival, Axue only saw a deep gully with smoke emerging from the center, then suddenly the earth began shaking and soon only horror stood before her. An entity of the most perverse form emerged from the gully. It was over 7 meters tall, had a humanoid form with its body covered in a wholly unfamiliar metal of a yellow-like colour and a small dark calabash-like head surrounded by thick tentacles which resembled those of a particular plant. Its eyes were small and barely visible, but what was visible revealed more than expected. Its eyes were of a colour that was neither violet nor indigo, but of a far more unfamiliar and magnificent colour which is yet to grace the human eye, until now.
Despite its already unfathomable features, the entity was surrounded by a beautiful nebulous cloud which took on many exotic shapes and colours, almost as if to protect the being it surrounded. Axue’s eyes bulged in utter terror and felt as though her tendons had turned to cement. The being telepathically introduced itself as N’garakh from a world far beyond our plain of existence where time and space do not exist. N’garakh also revealed a vision to her of his world. In the vision, there were three different suns and five moons, a floor of diamond and organisms which were neither plant nor fungi, but rather a combination of the two. Axue could also see beings everywhere that resembled N’garakh but wondered why they all moved past her as though she was not there, until she looked at her reflection in the diamond floor and saw that her mind now inhibited a body of those abominations. Just before insanity laid claim to her, she returned to her body but found her clan warriors surrounding her and N’garakh, all armed with spears, bows and arrows.
N’garakh then gave off a ghoulish and sound before the nebula surrounding him seized Axue and engulfed her. The pair submerged within the ground never to be seen again. No one knew if she had gone to the realm of the ancestors or the realm of dreams. What N’garakh was, what he wanted, or where he came from, none may ever know, but what is clear is that this universe contains a plethora of wonders far greater than any human can comprehend.

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