Crazy love

Man in the mirror, bigger picture got lot bigger.

swore in my mind i just hit her.

My funny little way of dealing with her.

Have to be this dominating figure.

my sick way of showing that im with her.

love must be fear and respect at the same time.

Her spirits afraid but shes feeling at home at the same time.

Hands on my head as she lays on the bed darker side of me

screaming its game time.

Got a glass down asked her what she saw when she looked into my eyes.

She saw a ghost town, but we are soulbond and to me thats deeper than allot

of shit.

Darling your never alone in this, I too have been feeling this lonelyness.

Love what youve done with your hair, never forget that i notice shit.

Never forget that I know this sh*t, our mental arena, the stage has been set,

its upsetting the Gods that we are not in your bed.

But too much on my mind and im planning ahead.

Seems the more we connect, girl the darker it gets.


( chorus )

if been on this road far to any times.

no make up needed to realise your a dime.

so im breaking the seal im letting you out.

Selfish of me to keep you for myself.

Im brutally honest ill lock you away in a cage.

I find it compelling that you are attracted to rage..




best read it yourself, but a piece of art, without a doubt

Crazy love

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