Second Hand

Verse 1.

I thought.

This time.

I could see the words of truth written in your eyes.

All the time the lies were hidin’, there behind your smile.

And they caught me out.

And I was taken in.

And I feel used.

And I feel cheap.

You’da thought by now, I’d be old enough to understand

But all I’ve got,

Is this feeling.

I’m second hand.

Verse 2

I know.

I’ll die.

When you walk in the bar and catch my eye.

My friends will ask me what is wrong, when I start to cry,

And there you’ll stand,

As pleased as punch.

No second thoughts.

No guilty looks.

You’da thought by now I’d be strong enough to ride the blows

But I feel let down.

And dirty.

And I’m sure it shows.

It shows.

It shows

It shows.



Why do I feel so guilty?

Why do I feel ashamed?

Why do I feel embarrassed when I’m not to blame?

Why are you so cocky?

Smug smile on your face

I wish that I could hurt you

And put you back a in your place.

Verse 3

God knows.

I’ve tried.

To forget about you and get on with life.

But every new guy I meet, always wears your smile.

And in my eyes.

They turn to stone

Once again.

I come home alone.

You’da thought by now I’d be old enough to understand.

But all I’ve got,

Is this feeling.

I’m second hand.

Yes all I’ve got, is this feeling, I’m second hand

Second hand

Second hand

Second hand

This feeling that I’m Second hand.

In 1996 I happened to be watching an episode of Coronation Street when Raquel Wolstenhulme was on/off dating Des Barnes.

It was off at the time but he fancied a shag, so, he sweet talked her back to his place, and she stayed the night.

She thought it was “back on” and was on the sofa the following morning, picking out curtains, when he came down stairs, told her to see herself out, and fucked off to work.

The penny dropped. Her bubble was burst. She realised she’d been “had”

In the next scene she was telling Betty (hotpot) Turpin all about it in the Rovers when she said the line ”I don’t know Betty, I just feel…..Second Hand”

I picked up my quill and 20 minutes later it was complete.

Second Hand

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