The Open Road 2

~~The Open Road

I want to leave and to never return
Spin those tires and make em burn

Head out on the open highway
From now on things are gonna go my way

I’ve grown far too tired to sleep
My promises to you I can no longer keep

The bitter arguing has come to its end
Left far too many broken fences to mend

This game of tug of war I can no longer play
I’ll take to the road with the dawning of a new day

I’ll leave you standing in my cloud of dust
Let our relationship simply turn to rust

Gotta break these heavy and burdensome chains
I’ve tried my best but now it all seems in vain

Lately I have felt an undying need to be free
I’ll take to the open road see where it takes me

I’m scared but I will  be alright
Watch me disappear into the night

My destination remains unclear
Just know I wanna be miles from here

Gonna take my collective battle scars
Spread my wings beneath a sky full of stars

My heart is restless and I want to roam
I’ll find someplace new to call my home

Gary Edward Allen 2016

This song is about the ending of a relationsip

The Open Road 2

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