The truth in lies

Lord somehow they dont see im alive.

All they see is the rage in my eyes.

All she know is the depth of my lies.

now all i have left is this illusion of pride.

I see you everywhere but you are never there.

Mind be playing tricks on me a quality you both share.

F#ck karma you were the one behind the whole affair.

I knew about the game , but now I wonder did you ever care.

Killed the part of me that loved you.

Now im chasing my dreams without you.

Hope you know that this song aint about you.

Its just a phase in my life that i went through.

Just a page in a book that I read through.

just a gate in our lives that we stepped through.



Oh lord what she up to ?

No lord, I dont want to …

Think about the shit ive been through.

So focus on the shit you gon do.

Im slowly moving on without you.

According to the picture on my brain Now I have a clear view.


Ima take it slow l-o-r-d

ima flow on these c-h-or-ds

all my niggas get on b-o-r-d

coz were going to the top, and we aint never gonna stop unless the curtains drop.

unless the curtains drop.


life inspired the song

The truth in lies

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