journey to John O Groats

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i believe some of the best art process is capturing the transient moments while on the move from one city to the next. The idea of destination is as important as the journey.

Last December 2015, my wife and I took a railway journey from London to reach the north-eastern tip of Britain - John O’ Groats, a beautiful coastal resort in Canisby parish of Caithness. It is the first time we have ever been this far up the Northern hemisphere in the sub-zero winter weather. The contrast of the urban life as we move into the natural forests and wild greenery of the Northern coast is an unforgettably wonderful experience. The constant accumulation of images on my sketch pads and note scraps is part of the process of mine as an artist.

These little pieces of art created of water colours and Indian ink documented part of the journey through the rain, storms and floods. When we finally reached our destination, we were pleasantly overcome by the peaceful charm of the Scottish landscapes pulsating against the relentless feisty beat of the waves in the distance. Though everything was grey, the expanse of the Norwegian Sea and the Scottish skylines is refracted as a pasture of colours in my memories and I chose to permeate my pieces with the same flashes of bright hues and movements.

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