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The short poem is about how I went from being shy to being to say what's on my mind. It's a summary of my experience with social anxiety.

Once was I, a little butterfly, Fluttering in the wind as I flew high, Reminiscing on the little I had reached, The approval of others that I

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Life challenges, like health, finance etc. and how it lingers for a long time.


Joy a name, cries a face.

Smile a heavy heart of fame.

Wondering how, when and what

Causes tears and pains?


Winter falls, summer rains


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To Love You Small To Love You Large

This poems reaches out to people who don't necessarily love themselves. People will tell you to stop thinking a certain way or comparing yourself to others, but at the end

For who you are And what you do There are things, Inside of you For those you simply can't control For those that simply take

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the war between clans

the way and manner people live in a vilage

The war between clan’s rents the sky If only I remain in their clenching hearts I push through my parts on deadly sculls The woe in their

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How the mind can make one feel.

Forced fed images flickering in my mind

Too many recollections I just can't rewind

Scenes of the macabre filling with dread

Can't seem to stop what's going on in my

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i was just mad one day so i said you know what ima just write,

sometimes I wonder what if I just give up and plunder, gotta keep on running or I'll get struck by the thunder, sometimes my anger wins and so does frustration,

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Nowhere in Africa

Nowhere in Africa is a lamentation poem written by Francis Ocitti in 2015 Uganda set in the Conflict and the Post Conflict Zone. It is more of a light caster on

For I do it to take the poison out of my system


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This poem was written without prejudice to any person or group but to encourage non-violent elections and peaceful transition of governments in Africa.


The seed was planted by an evil prophesy

We heard it whispered many years ago

It ate up our faith like cancer and unleashed fear in us

Like a weed

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Do we not live

in the ruins

of past pious words

do we not tread

the polluted waters

of today

do we not try

to keep afloat

while we hide

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He Used To Be A Poet…

1 He Used To Be A Poet…


He used to be a poet

but he put it to the side…

when life came calling he went along for the ride…

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