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Dangerous to know

I am nearly 72. It is the first poem I have ever written and came almost effortlessly on the back of a Memoir (1945 - 2016) I felt compelled to


thinking of you.

bullying the air,

Asleep not asleep

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Oh For God Almighty

I was inspired to write this poem after seeing the horrific and heart breaking images of the children gassed in Syria recently. Sadly a consequence of all wars, and so often

 “Oh” For God Almighty


Let’s scrape away those Palestinian Muslim Arab scums

To rightly make room for the Jews, God’s chosen ones.

In the name of God, King and

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I wrote this poem after the gym, as I was determined to loose weight, and look good, a goal I've had for years.

Apologize for your mistakes, or pay for your sins.

Fight for your freedom, or fear the confined room.

Man up and face your problems,

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Beautiful Black Woman

Thiis poem is about beauty that starts within, I was inspired to write this piece from personal experiences.

I am a Black Beautiful Woman! Look at me, look at me and what do you see? Gaze past the outside cause beauty is more than skin deep!

Will you

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The short poem is about how I went from being shy to being to say what's on my mind. It's a summary of my experience with social anxiety.

Once was I, a little butterfly, Fluttering in the wind as I flew high, Reminiscing on the little I had reached, The approval of others that I

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Life challenges, like health, finance etc. and how it lingers for a long time.


Joy a name, cries a face.

Smile a heavy heart of fame.

Wondering how, when and what

Causes tears and pains?


Winter falls, summer rains


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the hands of men

the SDG 9 inspired me to come up with the poem

The hands of men

Are full of craft but harmful to Mother Nature

I watched as tall, spackling features came to life

Just like us their roots where in the

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the war between clans

the way and manner people live in a vilage

The war between clan’s rents the sky If only I remain in their clenching hearts I push through my parts on deadly sculls The woe in their

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let me steal

it was just an inspiration from nature..........................................................................................................................

Let me steal

Listen not to the whispers

Listen not to the rumors

Am here I know they tell you

They must deceive you

So as to bewitch you

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Intelligence Kills (how my algorithm resulted in my cremation)

Mental health, intelligence, giftedness, Joan of arc, enlightened

I, like Joan was burnt at the stake You see we made the same mistake

To start thinking for ourselves  And vehemently refusing to be shelved  And

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