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Low Delights

About how a long distance relationship can look like and feel like.
Pose and smile, My attention's green light. I see you across the miles, Share my thoughts and delights.   Low de -lights Low de -lights of us.

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Darkness over Light

This is about people choosing to be dark than being a light in this earth. They'd rather do bad things that feed their souls, than good things that feed their
Why is fear Always waiting for us in the darkness? Why is peace Always waiting for us in the light? Why do people Take

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No condition is perfect

I am inspired by the sudden twists and turns of life.

No Condition is Perfect

I look and behold,

"No condition is perferct"

The beautiful flowers,

you see today,

soon wither away,

like the blink of the eye.


Where mighty

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Own the Heart

The inspiration came from my heart wanting to take the other heart as it's own. Sex and Love are always going hand in hand, but in this poem, you think
Baby you make it heated, Just stay where you are seated. Relax and let me place it, Not taking it as just one drum hit. We

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not forgotten nor forsaken

What inspired me mostly, was that, I think God is in all and for all. He never forgets nor forsakes anybody.

...not forgotten nor forsaken:

We are too quick, in fact, too quick, to see the worth of the other person.

Then we mourn and lament "God

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Sweet mother

I wrote this poem on May 14, 2017, world mothers' day, to appreciate the woman behind my success in life.

Sweet mother:

The cry of a child is so sweet to the ears of a mother; but nuisance to many. When all was asleep, how could

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The Journey of a mother

I wrote on this poem to appreciate my mother's love for me

The journey of a mother:

The journey of

a mother

is a journey of

a thousand miles,

which begins with the first move.


A move into an excrutiating pain,

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Fallen leaves

life s short, jump in the leaves 


leaves on the trees turning from yellow to brown 

with a stiff wind soon on the ground 

Rustling, rustling 

A pile of leaves so neatly collected 

Beckoning me so

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Helping makes us happy.

I help someone who is blind. When she is going to see his nephew in hospital being patient which makes me feel happy and peacful.

But when people hurts someone else, it makes worst then that.

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A Portrait of Love

The poem is an expression of gratitude to my late father on fathers' day - 2017

A Portrait of Love

The world is filled with so many bad misconceptions about fathers -  The opinion of irresponsibility is the crux. But mine has never matched

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